Adam Moss, Editor New York magazine

“When Rob and I started training eight or ten years ago, I was on my own at Crunch Fitness. I looked out on the sea of people training clients and Rob was the only person in the room who was paying attention as the client was doing the exercise. Everyone else was daydreaming or looking at his watch.”

“The first question Rob asked was what I wanted from this. I didn’t have the vocabulary then to answer, but he took a quick measurement of what I needed and wanted and-even if I couldn’t describe it- proceeded to design a program that was good for me and did the things he thought I needed. It’s still like that. It’s a combination of him giving you a little of what you say you want and a lot of what he thinks you need. He makes it easy for you. He functions a little bit like a body shrink.”

Alfredo Paredes, Vice President and Global Creative Director Ralph Lauren Home

“Rob was a fitness nut when I met him about 12 years ago. He was doing marathons and Iron Man triathlons and that clearly wasn’t what I wanted. What you figure out quickly with him is that he cares to do the right thing specifically for you and your body. You’re not just one of 60 people going through a turnstile.”

And, ultimately, he’s not creating the workouts for your vanity but for your health. That’s what’s so important. Everything that comes with good health is going to affect your vanity, of course, but that’s not what he’s about. He’s a pro in that way. He’s very committed and you honestly feel that he cares about doing the right thing for your body and you.”

Lara Modjeski, Art Director, Tom Ford International:

“Rob’s knowledge of the industry, the field, and knowledge of the body and not just the exercises is what stands out for me. I’ve never worked with anybody who is so on top of it. He’s very aware of what’s going on in the field. He brings newness. It may be something that I totally hate to do, but I know it’s good for me. You don’t go to a trainer to be lazy. Or I don’t. He also builds a relationship with his clients. He’s an athlete himself and so he’s diligent about technique and form and he practices what he preaches. A lot of trainers are about quick fixes and gimmicks. He appreciates that you’re collaborating. Rob is about your health over time. He’s in it for the long-term.”

Bill Sofield, Studio Sofield:

“In the past I had trainers that didn’t take the time to figure out how your body is built and ended up doing me a lot of damage. They didn’t pay attention to how your particular body is structured or they weren’t good at creating a pace and a workout that suited your lifestyle.”

“Rob listens. He looks. He has an aesthetic eye for where one’s body should be ideally. He also pays attention to how you live and who you are. I have a crazy travel schedule and he’s really good about creating a workout that suits my lifestyle. If I’m coming off a 14 hour time change, he’ll have me more warm-up and fewer sets. I’m one of those people who think that anything worth doing is worth overdoing. Rob watches out for that. He keeps an eye on the stress and, because he’s really, really patient, he ends up inspiring you.”

Guy Trebay, Reporter, The New York Times:

“I can’t exactly recall how it was that I first started training with Rob 15 years ago, but I feel lucky to have connected with someone who wasn’t about fads and gimmicks or hype and who always kept his eye on the bigger picture–your health. I was a tall skinny guy when I started. I wanted to be muscular and big. I did build muscle eventually and I changed my proportions, but in a way that was aesthetically and structurally reasonable. Rob is a lot smarter about people’s bodies than they know how to be. That’s probably his greatest gift.”

Donna Marie, President, DMF Communications:

“I began working out with Rob about 12 years ago. Until that time I’d never been consistent with my workout routine and just having Rob support me made a huge difference. I had tremendous results very quickly. After a while I reached a plateau and it was getting harder and harder to stay motivated. I was doing the workouts and the diet thing but Rob introduced me to something I had never before considered, he asked me about my commitment. Up until this point I had weight goals, but, what was my commitment? With Rob’s support I came up with something that excited me more than any weight goal ever did – I made health and wellness my commitment. This was something I could see beyond next week or next month … this was something I could see as a lifelong commitment. This decision changed my attitude and inspires me to make it to the gym and be fully engaged in my workouts. And, I have to admit that 99% of the time, I look forward to my workouts. Thanks Rob for your ongoing support.”